Good copywriting is about making every word count. Turning your messages into persuasive, powerful communications that your audience wants to read and act on.

Adams Shaw Copywriting is a professional writing consultancy with experience in websites, search optimisation and blogging, tone of voice, brochures, packaging, direct mail, catalogues, internal comms, corporate film scripts and advertising. We help big brands, SMEs and agencies to get the results they need from their written material, whether printed or on screen. All done quickly, cost effectively and to the highest standards, and always sticking to your brief.

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Communications training

Every time your people communicate with clients, suppliers, the general public or even each other, they're representing your brand. So the words they use, on the phone or in emails, letters and any other written media they're responsible for, has a direct bearing on how your brand is perceived, on team working and on your day-to-day business.

At Adams Shaw Copywriting we create training courses to suit your specific needs. We run ongoing sessions for Branston Ltd to help them write emails, letters and intranet articles that reflect their company values and tone of voice. We've trained the copywriters at Asda's artwork agency in creative approaches to packaging text. We also work in partnership with Media Dog to create training films. So whatever communication skills your people need to develop, we can help.

Rachel has helped us to develop a more contemporary tone of voice for the company, that’s friendly and approachable but still in keeping with our roots. From our website and brochures to internal communications, we’re now equipped to reflect our company values throughout. And as a trainer her expert yet informal approach put delegates from all areas of the business at ease and generated a great atmosphere for learning.

Marketing Executive, Branston Ltd

“Rachel Shaw has put together a number of copywriting workshops for us over the years. They have all been extremely inspiring, comprehensive and creative. She always ensures the sessions are tailored to our needs, interesting, informative and above all enjoyable.

Asda Creative Copywriter, Sunbranding Solutions

Communications training can help your people, no matter how good their natural skills, to improve in terms of:

Clarity Today's instant methods of communication and time pressures can lead to confused communications, with emails in particular often reading like 'brain dumps'
Brevity People don't have time to read lengthy documents and will appreciate it if you present your points concisely.
Impact No-one wants what they write to be ignored, so learning how to command attention is essential
Tone Some people can unintentionally create barriers or even cause offence by using the wrong tone of voice or a tone that is inappropriate to your company
Spelling and grammar It's not just about creating the right professional impression; get it wrong and you may change the meaning of what you intend to say