Good copywriting is about making every word count. Turning your messages into persuasive, powerful communications that your audience wants to read and act on.

Adams Shaw Copywriting is a professional writing consultancy with experience in websites, search optimisation and blogging, tone of voice, brochures, packaging, direct mail, catalogues, internal comms, corporate film scripts and advertising. We help big brands, SMEs and agencies to get the results they need from their written material, whether printed or on screen. All done quickly, cost effectively and to the highest standards, and always sticking to your brief.

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Tone of voice

Developing your tone of voice

Tone of voice refers to the way your brand's personality comes through in your written communications. Pinning down what your tone of voice should be is the starting point for any successful marketing campaign.

At Adams Shaw Copywriting, we're experienced in developing tone of voice, in line with your business objectives and target audience. We'll also create tone of voice guidelines for you and can even train your people in how to use those guidelines in your day-to-day business and how to roll them out across all your written communications.

“Rachel's expertise on tone of voice has made a huge difference to how we're perceived by potential employees, customers and suppliers. She established comprehensive but easy-to-understand parameters for the 'Branston tone' and then translated them into a practical style guide. We then asked her to train our employees in the new style and also in how to communicate with our suppliers and customers in a clear, professional way whilst adhering to the tone of voice. Rachel has subsequently run several training sessions for us over a 12-month period, demonstrating a great rapport with people in a training room environment.

Tesco Account Manager, Branston Ltd 

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