Good copywriting is about making every word count. Turning your messages into persuasive, powerful communications that your audience wants to read and act on.

Adams Shaw Copywriting is a professional writing consultancy with experience in websites, search optimisation and blogging, tone of voice, brochures, packaging, direct mail, catalogues, internal comms, corporate film scripts and advertising. We help big brands, SMEs and agencies to get the results they need from their written material, whether printed or on screen. All done quickly, cost effectively and to the highest standards, and always sticking to your brief.

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How we work

We know how important it is that the copy we create does a brilliant job for your business. We also know that being able to rely on a writer to deliver great work on time and on budget makes your life a lot easier. So, we follow the same steps and checks on every job we do…

Nice to meet you

If we haven’t worked with you before, we’ll make time to talk to you properly about what you want to achieve, now and in the long term. We work both directly for clients and through design agencies, and are happy to be as involved as you need us to be.

Taking the brief

Every time we work with you we’ll listen hard and ask all the challenging questions a customer might, to be completely confident we know what you need to achieve.

Making plans

We'll always work to your deadlines and let you know as soon as the job starts when your copy will arrive. On longer projects we’ll put together a full schedule.

Clear quoting

We’ll also give you a clearly broken-down price for your project. We charge £50 an hour, or £400 a day, and because we believe it’s our responsibility to take an accurate brief and stick to it, we don’t charge for amends. As long as the brief doesn’t change, neither will the price. We’re honest too – if a project takes a lot less time than we estimated, we’ll let you know.

Doing the job

We always work in a very open way with our clients. So if we’ve got an idea or a question, we’ll call you and talk it through. We’re really happy for you to do the same.

Making amends

Amends are a normal part of the copywriting process and you can give them to us over the phone, in person or just by email. We’ll always turn them around as fast as we can.

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